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Any advice on how you handle rotations. I work in a company where management often rotates every 1.5 to 2.5 years. Managers have different styles, hands-on / hands-off. While I am in a position that does not rotate, I mentor a group of people who do rotate through departments. What advice can I give them? And of course, is there a podcast for that? (I have looked, but not finding anything).

Many thanks for any help that you can give.




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I definitely feel your pain as it is much the same with my organization.  Here are some specific ways that we handle this problem:

1) We create "Assumption of Command Binders" that contain the short and long range calendars, synopsises of any big projects, bios/ratings of the team members, boss' policy letters, contact information, and anything else that they might want handy immediately.  

2) There is at least a week of "Left Seat Ride" where they shadow the outgoing leader with the outgoing gradually decreasing the amount of work they do.  

3) We use the time before the transition to make sure our digital and analogue records are organized according to our standards.


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Almost forgot - detailed descriptions of duties and responsibilites, what they'll be rated on, and what distinguishes below the standard, at standard, and beyond the standard.