I've been listening to Manager Tools for quite awhile, but this is my first time participating in the community.  I've enjoyed the podcasts and they've helped me through some tough decisions.

I would like to get some advice about accepting a counter-offer from a company when I currently do not have another offer.  My position with my current company was a Jr.-level manager who actually does more front-line work than management.  I let my current manager know that I plan to leave on June 30th.

I have been offered a potential different job with the company in a different location.  We don't even know if it can be done, but it would remove me from most of the circumstances that caused me to resign.  I have a close relationship with my boss and, in theory, would love the job again in a different role and place.  It is a unique position that I will not be able to find elsewhere (unless I "built" a position like it elsewhere).

I know the general wisdom is never to resign before you have another offer.  The truth is I didn't have the time or emotional energy required at this time to follow through on the search, and I do need to stay with my current position at least until June 30th.  So I have time to be soliciting other offers, and my boss is well-aware of that now.

I'd appreciate some counsel from the MT community.  I've been reviewing the MT podcasts on counter-offers and resigning and they've been very helpful in helping me sort out things.

Best regards!

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So do I have this right?

The counter offer is to just move you to a different position in a different location (that your boss is not even sure can be done). You brought this about by announcing that you were leaving on June 30, with no new job lined up, and in the mean tune you don't have the energy to look for another job.

I think you're leaving out some critical details because the situation it is presented sounds, in Mark's terms, galactically stupid.

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That pretty much sums it up... though, now that the air is cleared, I have pulled back my responsibilities enough so I can follow through on job contacts.  The time and energy factor is much less of an issue in the next few weeks, as I can focus on critical matters instead of having my attention directed 20 different ways.

June 30th was given as a logical stopping point, because, as of July 15th, I would be locked into another year at my current position, which I simply could not handle.  I'm not locked-in legally, but I would feel ethically and morally locked in.  I am loyal to a fault, which might contribute to the "galactic stupidity."  There is a lot to do between now and then, and I felt my boss definitely needed the heads-up.

I've had the chance to think things through more today, and it does seem a clean break is in order, with time in the interim used to search for new opportunities.