I heard the ad for this course and just signed up.

Has anyone else done this?

How did you benefit?

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Too soon to judge the value as I've only watched the first video, which is really just an 8 minute intro. The notes that accompany the video are well written. The content looks good - nothing "omg I never thought of that!", but it was succinct and reasonable. Does not seem to be a waste of time. Beware that you will start getting calls from them immediately. This course is clearly designed to ID potential paying customers. 

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I just watched the second video. It was very short. As were the notes. I'm unimpressed. This isn't a course. There is little structure. Nothing new. No specifics. Not actionable. One glaring general assumption about men vs women that I found lazy and useless. The only specific action recommended so far has been prayer, and that was strongly suggested twice. This experience makes me doubt the value of any formal curriculum they offer.  Hey, it was free. And I wouldn't say it was of no value. But our time is limited. Mine could have been better spent.

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Good review,


i totally forgot I have this sitting in my inbox waiting to watch it.

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We watched all three of the videos and read the material provided.  We don't find the content as dense or helpful as ours, but there were useful points.

In our view nothing was objectionable, including the "religious" references.  We would support a university of all faiths equally.