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What follow up is recommended after submitting an application and resume (before being contacted by the organization)?


I'm presently applying for a job with an organization I've worked for before in the same role but in a different division. I know the name of the hiring manager and I have his email address and can call and be transferred to him but I have never met him. I understand all communication is supposed to go through Human Resources. The application/resume was submitted Thu 3/5 (four days ago) and I understand there is one other candidate in serious consideration. With this in mind should I follow up? With Human Resources? Can I contact the hiring manager directly? What should I ask or say?

Thanks in advance. I've been fortunate to be a podcast listener since the beginning and appreciate M/M as well as the helpful community here in the forum.


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I have contacted a company that I had applied for a job.  All I did was phone the contact and ask for an update on the selection process.  If they have put a contact name on the job ad, then you should probably use that contact.  

If you have a good relationship with the hiring manager you probably could talk to them.  But you have to do it in a way that they can say that they can't give you an update if they can't (according to their HR guidelines)


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Well, you know what I mean. ;p   
I am an S in a sea of Ds and Cs here in the forum, and sometimes react differently to things :)

I really don't like it when candidates do a court press on me. Part of this is my own preference for email over phone; some of it is when they manage to talk their way into my office, I can't tell them much. The search is in progress, and it's all hush-hush. 

I am actually more prepared to talk to people *before* they apply, or to clarify something about the job, rather than the search.  Those are easy questions and help us both determine if it's a good fit.