I've been a hiring manager for nearly a decade, and I have noticed a distinct shift in the candidate pool. A majority of the candidates that I have seen coming through pipeline have been laid off by their previous employer. I'm having a hard time evaluating what to do with that piece of data - some companies are laying off entire divisions without regard for performance, others are picking off poor performers to lay off. So far, I've been reaching out to contacts at those companies to try to garner any insght about their company's layoff approach. In some cases, I've gotten pretty clear direction (e.g. November layoffs were mostly performance related, but April was definitely not performance related). In other cases, I got more grey responses (some orgs laid of poor performers, others cut newest to the team, others removed functions - but in any case there was a solid effort to rehome the best employees). 

What advice do you have to navigate this new candidate pool? Is the answer still to say no if there's any doubt? Probably could answer this question myself, but curious if there are any other good considerations I haven't thought of yet.