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One of the traits I am trying to promote amongst my staff (and their directs/skips) is a positive attitude.  To do this I make sure to give feedback whenever I see a behavior that demonstrates a positive attitude it in a staff member.  When I see it in a skip or "over-skip" I use praise.  Every now and then it accidentally comes out like a half-way feedback.  To encourage more behaviors that demonstrate a "positive attitude" I was thinking of giving some kind of an award or public recognition for someone demonstrates this on a more frequent basis.  

What experience do you have with this kind of an "award?"  

I am worried it might come become the target of "jokes about management."  The disgruntled employees could use it to ostracize those who are more positive.  If I'm not careful, it could become something straight from Dilbert.  

Are my fears unfounded?  Should I just stick with feedback?  Do these kind of awards work?  

In addition to feedback, how do I promote a positive attitude amongst my staff, directs, skips, and so on?

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Ensure that your behaviors set an example for what you are looking for from your directs and their people. That would be number one. It's not necessarily what you say, it's what you do and how you do it. Then I would make sure that you're actioning MT guidance on the MT trinity: One on One's, feedback, & coaching.

As for an award being effective...your inutition could be right. I don't know. People are individuals. If you're doing O3's, feedback, and coaching then it is likely that you'll have the best idea of how your people would respond to an award. 

Just a few thoughts, take what you like and leave the rest. Hope that helps. Good luck. Best wishes. 

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You can behave in a positive way and set a good example.


You can encourage positive behavior.

and give feedback about negative behavior that tears down the team.

Basically, what I am saying is that you can't actually control people's attitude.  You can only address behavior.  And you can only show behavior.  

Even you don't have to share your real attitude about things -  just behave in a positive professional manner and expect the same behavior from your directs.

Sometime when my directs act in a way that is less than that and say something that is negative ... I will remind them in clear language that we must behave in a way that creates, builds and maintains positive working relationships.

They feel the pinch - but at least they know what is expected.

The award does have its pros and cons.

Remember that your High S's will generally shy away from this kind of thing.

It is really up to you... and so what if it becomes a "Joke" among them - as long as it is not a joke to you.

Will the award come with a reward - such as a gift card or a free lunch ?

We get gift cards from upper admin once a year to distribute to our high quality workers.   We generally try to spread them out over the years among the best workers so it doesn't look like the same favorites get the checks everytime.

But, we always make sure that we chose people that are not slackers.

Good Luck