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Really quick background, I'm a Civil Engineer, not a recruiter or a manager.  I've been listening to MT since '06 and my bosses are having trouble recruiting architects and engineers in Seoul.

We need to hire English speaking people, because most of our management team does not speak Korean.   I've looked around on the web at the usual places (Monster, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, Craigslist) and they all seem to have pretty light traffic.


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Have you thought of going through English language schools (British Council, etc) or Korean universities which specialise in architecture or engineering? I am sure there are plenty of Korean architects and engineers who speak good English, but would not be looking on the job boards you mentioned.



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Our office has hired junior staff from Korean colleges before and they are now looking for experienced architects and engineers.  Preferably ones that have an architectural or engineering license issued by a U.S. state.  But, our recruiting problem right now is in trying to find the right place to advertise.  That's why I was thinking there must be a Korean language equivalent to