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 Hi there, 

One friend of mine has severe issues with her new boss. As she is not familiar with MT, I am writing on behalf of her. Anyway, this question is very interesting for me as well.

She now has to deal with a new boss. Her old boss was really a control guy but she managed to deal with her. The new one is very coming (really) late to work, doesn't read mails, memos, and is not really organized. He schedules meeting after the working time of the employees (some days of the week part time). 

In general, he is nice, they have some fun, but he is really hard to deal with in a professional sense. What is the recommendation or suggestion on how to deal best with such a boss?



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 Though the boss is nice in general but it does not go well if he is not professional at work. She can talk to superior of her boss if it continues in a same way.

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 Hi there,

Thanks for the advice. I guess the boss itself is in trouble by the way he is not really organized or overwhelmed by the situation. I think documentation is the key to stay afloat (if not sane).

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What are the chances that the boss will blame your friend for his shortcomings?  If there is a possibility of this, then extra precautions may be necessary.  However, if the boss has strong tendencies in this direction, my advice would be to get away from him.