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What's the best way to handle a peer who communicates like this?

We are ready to have the piano moved. Thanks in advance for having it out of the lobby by this coming weekend.

Rather than having a conversation and asking if you can do something for them by a certain time, they thank you for doing it in advance and give you a deadline without even seeking to understand the reasons why you might not be able to accomplish what they want done, in said timeline? Reminder this is a peer from another department not a manager.

feedback appreciated!!!!

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Response :  -- Treat it like a request.



Hi, I am glad that you and the rest of your folks are ready to have the Piano moved.

I really appreciate you confidence in me and my team to have the move completed by this coming weekend.

* Unfortunately, at ths point, I am not sure that we can accomodate your requested moving date.

* With our current schedule and resources we expect to be able to move the piano  -- Next Tuesday morning.

* We have put you scheduled for Tuesdy Morning Feb 2nd  - expect my team to arrive around 9 am.

* If there is any reason that this Date/Time would not be good for you, please give me a call right away so that we can discuss other options.


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Good Luck