Background (repeated from antother topic):
I am a CIO, managing a fairly large IT shop (500 people). I expect that if I move to comparable or better position elsewhere, the position is likely to be filled through a retained search (the other likely possibility is hearing of an opening through a peer, vendor, or former co-worker, but that is not likely unless I put the word out that I'm looking).

I am using the MT advice to cultivate better recruiter relationships. One firm I was able to get into through a former co-worker. A couple of others I want to get into I don't have a contact.

I have called the recruiters, but they have admins who screen. The admins ask for a resume to be sent, and they will contact me after that.

I want to be respectful of the recruiters time (as M&M say - he or she is not working for me). However, I also believe the MT advice that initial contact should not be email, and just sending a resume is even worse. Also, their advice was for recruiters in general: maybe it's different for elite retained recruiters, looking for senior execs.

Any advice or comments?


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Just a couple of thoughts: at least half of a recruitment job is interviewing. When you're interviewing heavily, it's really hard to get anything else done, and you tend to prioritise hiring managers over candidates! It may be that you need a relationship with their admin before you can get a relationship with the recruiter.

That said recruiters also tend to work long hours. Try early morning and late evening.. you're more likely to be able to talk to me 7-8 and 6-7 than 9-5.


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I wouldn't try too hard to work around the admin. You're a CIO, and the size of your org makes you an executive who is discussed. If you have contacted them, and their admins don't recognize who you are, too bad for them.

On the other hand, a cast we haven't yet released talks about raising one's profile, which is an indirect way of connecting with recruiters - they will contact YOU.