I've listened to the "Decorating Your Desk" podcasts and found it very helpful.  

Today, many parts of the office are being adorned in Holiday Decor, as it gets closer to Christmas here in the US.  I don't believe that was addressed in that podcast.  What is appropriate holiday decor at one's desk?  One small trinket?  a small wreath?  Nothing?

I'm interested to know what others think.


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I would say (significantly) scaled down from that is good.

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I love the cross between the safari theme and christmas.  Thanks for sharing.

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I think Christmas decorating is far more subject to company norms than typical decoration. I work for a group with two very disparate halves. One has have a carefully selected centrally owned and controlled set of Christmas decorations and nothing personal at all (clear desk policy zealously enforced); the other has an anything goes, personal or departmentally selected decorations, approach. The senior management team is shared between the businesses, so it is very much culture and market that have decided the norms for each.

One thing however probably remains true. If you have less decoration than normal it is unlikely to reflect badly on you. Having too much, or very gaudy, could well do.

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