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Hello Everyone,

Two weeks ago a new manager started taking over part of my team. She is going to report to me and we had some early conversations about team performance. There are a few members on the team that have performance/attendance issues and received feedback about this. With the new manager joining - how should I handle the transition of these issues? Do I wait until she builds proper relationships? Do I continue giving feedback to the people with issues (with the new manager being present)? Should the new manager start giving negative feedback immediately to the directs that have issues?

My worry is that some people continued with the behavior since the new manager started. I want to give her time to experience this for herself. At the same time the employees should know that they are still being evaluated.

Thanks for any help,


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Dear Holger,

It always comes down to O3s.  I'm assuming you are already holding O3s with your new manager and during these O3s if she has issues with her directs and would like some suggestions this will be discussed.  The new manager should begin O3s with her directs and begin building relationships.  Employees work differently under different managers and perhaps this employee will excel under a newmanaer and no need to pre-warn the new manager.  Discussions should focus on her deliverables and then as a manager, let her figure it out, with your support of course.

Assume a postive!

Good luck and let us know what you did and how it goes!!!