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Mark and Mike, you are doing an excellent job. I feel you are addressing a big gap in the realm of personal development training that is seldom discussed.

I work for a major technology company (email me if you are curious) where I am in a fairly high-level program management position without direct reports. In my role I am looked upon as a business leader, even to the managers within my group, helping to define the investments we make. I routinely lead Vteams and have thus far found MT to be extremely helpful in those endeavors. Our group serves as a focal point within the organization for driving change based upon product related feedback and analysis. I am based out of Charlotte, NC, but travel quite a bit since our team is geographically dispersed.

In the tradition of DISC, you can charaterize me as a "High D, fairly high C"

Personally, I am married with two kids (7 & 4). I volunteer at the local YMCA coaching and my wife is an officer in a local charity organization. When not working, I enjoy family, cooking, fencing, and addressing the never ending “honey do” list. Well, OK maybe I don't always enjoy the "honey do" list. :wink:

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Hi Jeremy!

Welcome to MT! I think you'll find lots of useful stuff here, whether or not you actually have direct reports.

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Welcome sir! Glad you're here, and we like individual contributors too. Nowadays, many roles call for management skills.

Hope you get lots of value from our work together.


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Welcome, Jeremy ... having had a program management group at one point, I know well the challenges (and rewards) of what you do. I hope you continue to find value here.

best regards,