"11/01/2010" - This cast addresses a behavioral change for an insidious practice of High I "

I'v been listening to MT podcasts for about a month now and this one grabbed my attention as I am a High I.

OMG..... this podcast was soooooo good. It had me on every single point ! So much so that I was actually laughing whilst listening to it.

Starting with enthusiasm and not finishing pojects? OMG you should see my list of 'jobs to do' that never get done !!!!

I have to say a huge thank you to Mark and Mike on this one. The first step of me correcting my behaviour is identifying what I'm doing, doing wrong and how it affects my team. I didnt even recognise that I was doing it ! You can imagine how my High C/S production guy reacts to me !

I havent yet started correcting myself on this (I have a great idea how I can ........ ROFLMAO!) but at least identifying my habits is a start.

Thanks again M&M