Thought I'd drop in and say hello. Having recently discovered the podcasts I've listened through them all and am really excited by the content.

I run a team of around 35 (depending on the Directors whims) and have started rolling out the trinity. I've been in management for around 5 years but never really bought into much in terms of the guidance and I've never had a boss who did, so have been drifting in terms of my development.

I think this may be a real turning point and I'm already seeing some benefits. Hey, I made time to post this after I finished my second email 'session' of the day..

The dynamics in the teams at the moment are awful but we're working through them and building the trust. I'll happily keep the feedback coming as we work through it.

 So, hello and secondly great site, hopefully I can turn these guys around and I've already found myself evangelising about the site and content so you may get a few more from over here in the UK. 



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Welcome to the forums.  I, too, found Manager Tools to be a revelation; not just a disconnected set of techniques but a coherent system that made sense of the things I knew worked, and added a whole lot more that I didn't know. 

Hope you spend some time here in the forums - there's lots to learn and contribute in this community. 

John Hack