I stumbled across this site via iTunes, as did a few others it seems, and what a find. I cant believe my luck, I want to put a string of superlatives but I'll settle for a heartfelt thankyou to Mark and Mike for taking the time to do this.

I am a manager for an American multinational in the UK, running an incineration plant. That sounds a lot grander than it is, we were actually bought by the yanks a couple of years ago. We have a very flat structure (my boss reports to a director and I have shop floor guys reporting to me) and my directs are all hands on guys who dont have the time to do any real form of man management with their directs. This means I have around 33 guys all looking to me to be in charge. Dont get me wrong I enjoy it, but it can get a bit hectic.

I want to start and implement a lot of what I am listening to, but I also wanted to do something similar a couple of years ago when I did a management diploma. Hopefully the difference this time will be this place. Expect a lot of questions!!!

Hope to chat with a few of you in the future. Whats the phrase....oh yes "build the network" !!


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It's good to see you here, Andy! I think you'll find a lot of help and encouragement for meeting the goals that you set here...not to mention a lot of good advice or sympathetic shoulders.

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Hi Andy,

Love the avatar :)

Another UK based MT fan.

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Hi Andy, you will get a ton of great learnings. Mike and Mark are fantastic, listen, think, learn and do...repeat...