Hello to all,
I have been a listener for a couple of months now. Thanks Mike and Mark! I do not have a true managerial position yet, but leading projects within companies in the manufacturing industry does require many of those tools.

For those curious enough, a Catracho is what Hondurans are called. It's kind of like calling someone from Australia an Aussie.

Though I'm a catracho, I lived in Mexico for about 11 years. I left at 17 to go study to Monterrey (ITESM), and after graduating I stayed to work. My first real job gave me the opportunity to live in Denmark for a few months, but then returned to Mexico. Later in the next job, I moved to a city right on the border MX-US. I think that that job was the one that made me mature a lot, in a professional sense. Today, I live and work in France, a couple minutes away from Paris. This job has allowed me to travel a lot, and although I'm not really happy in this role, I have learned many valueable lessons.

Becuase of many challenges due to my current role, and mostly because of my less than admirable manager, I set out to find help. I found tons of advice here. Many of which has helped with the difficult situations at work. Even if it's called "Manager Tools", it is not limited to just managers. So thank you M&M for your time and effort. To all you other brave souls that aspire to improve yourselves and share your experiences and advice, thank you too!

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Welcome smallnetd. Look forward to seeing your posts.


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Welcome! Glad you're here, and we hope to hear more from and about Catrachos.