Hi Mark & Mike,

I've listened to your podcasts for a while now, and thought it was about time I contributed to the bios!

As you can tell from the title, I'm originally from England but moved to Canada (Toronto) about four years ago. Much to my surprise, I've found myself working in communications in the public sector.

I'm working at a senior staff level at the moment, but with some management responsibilities. I do have one or two people working for me on an informal basis, but I wouldn't call them directs as there's no formal reporting relationship.

Since discovering your podcasts through iTunes, I've found them absolutely invaluable. I spent quite a while listening to two or three a day on my commute to/from work, and they've had a large impact already.

I can't really identify the most useful shows to me - from the resume cast to the more in-depth DISC sessions and even the early 'favourite books' one (I just bought three of them this week), I've benefited hugely from your insights. I've become a bit of a manager tools evangelist recently -- I think the feedback model, in particular, would have a fantastic impact if implemented widely in my workplace.

I've only contributed a couple of times to the forums so far, but I definitely hope to do so more often as I feel my thoughts become more valuable!

Thank you both for all your work. I look forward to the launch of premium content and I eagerly await the publishing of the book!



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Thanks for jumping in and introducing yourself ... it makes a tremendous difference to the community here when we know just a bit more about each other.

Again, thanks!

best regards,
co-founder, Manager Tools