I just wandered in to the living room to chat with the wife, and she was watching the final episode of [url=]... and Country[/url] on History Channel. Entitled [i]My Government and I[/i], the episode interviews half a dozen Prime Ministers including Thatcher, Major and Blair about their weekly chats at the palace about what was on their mind, and how valuable they'd found it. As one TV station put it in their episode guide:

[quote]William Shawcross examines the relationship between the monarch and the Prime Minister in the final programme of the series. While the details of their meetings must remain a secret, premiers of the past - including Margaret Thatcher and John Major - recall the benefits of these weekly events.[/quote]

There you have it: [b]Her Majesty uses One-on-Ones, and her Prime Ministers love it.[/b]

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I can also tell you, with not too many heard it from someone who heard it froms... that her maj is also very good at giving timely, specific, effective feedback.

Just goes to show that effective management works for anyone :-)


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Now, THIS is MY kind of third party endorsement!

And me an Anglophile. God Bless Her.