How would you write this accomplishment?

Helped with a 1500% internet speed increase by building relationship with vendors.

Here is a little background accomplishment. I was hired in the last year of a 3 year project to bring broadband internet service to the Goddard College Plainfield Campus. We increased internet speed by 1500%, from 6Mbps to 100Mbps. My role was to help coordinate with vendors to update hardware and backbone equipment.

Cheers Jake

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I think that increasing the speed is a cool result, but I think you want your resume to say more about your vendor management skills rather than the result.

Increased internet speed 1500% by ensuring vendors met deadlines.

Ensured 100% vendor compliance to deadlines by building and maintaining vendor relationships.

Those are my thoughts.  Hopefully they help.


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I suggest not using the 1500% metric directly.  In this case it makes the actual result more obscure and can possible be perceived as trying to puff up your accomplishment.  Those in infrastructure will know will want to know what level on the scale you're working at, not just the delta.

Increased Internet speed from 6Mbps to 100Mbps by ensuring vendors met deadlines.

Better yet, if you can tie _that_ metric to something particularly meaningful to he users of that network, that would be even better...such as:

Decreased research program "Z" timeline by 6 months by increasing campus Internet speed to 100Mbps ontime, on budget.

Those kinds of metrics are hard to come by if you're not planning for them in advance, yet they're really powerful.  Just food for thought.



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I was thinking about why the network speed increase is meaningful to our users. It mean that we can support more people on our campus. Last semester with 100 students on campus the internet was so slow we could not checkout books from the library. Now we could support 1000 students on campus without slowing down the internet. Of course we only have dorm rooms for 150 students.

How about this: Increased campus student capacity by upgrading internet connection from 6Mbps to 100Mbps.

More students = More money :)

Good question: How else does internet speed effect our users?


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I highly encourage you to purchase the resume workbook on this site.  It's $30, and by far the best resume guidance on the market.  It will answer your direct question here, and 100 others you haven't considered.

If you don't like it, the MT team will give you a refund.  However, the workbook will give you FAR more value than just improving this one accomplishment.

Good luck!

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Jake, I think you've got the right thought process.  Your suggested bullet is good.  To be great, you would need to show concrete improvement like a change in student satisfaction surveys or something else meaningful to those hiring for jobs you are pursuing.  Remember, the resume's purpose is get you an interview.

And Mike's suggestion of the MT Resume workbook is right on!  :)


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You mention your role "was to help coordinate with vendors to update hardware and backbone equipment" which had great results.  Other respondees in the thread have mentioned metrics -- important to the bottom line.  

What behaviours did you have with the project vendors that made a difference for these successful outcomes?    How do these behaviors contribute to a project';s success or to your company's bottom line?  How have you applied the behaviors for success? 

Examples -- "as a result of daily briefings with the vendor, / testing  proceeded smoothly / the project was completed in a timely manner;  I have established a open and trusting communication with the vendor and project team" or-  "others in my department look to me for answers on vendor interactsions as well as how to enact internet performance benefits for our clients". 

The success behaviours related to the tasks and project show you know HOW you succeeded, as well as the measurement of te project success factors to costs.