Hi all,

I'm a new manager (6 months) with 9 directs in a land surveying company of 110 - in three regional offices - with very flat management. I report directly to the board. I have no formal management training. I have basically "talked" my way into the job on the back of my technical experience and qualifications and professional achievements.

Land surveying is fairly technical, logical, analytical and precise . . . think engineering/CAD type work. I am yet to run the DISC test with my team, but I think they'll be mostly high "C", offset with mild "D" and "S" (if that makes sense).

My DISC is D:4 I:7 S:2 C:3. (Graph I= D:1 I:7 S:2 C:6 Graph II= D:5 I:7 S:2 C:1

What do I generally need to work on to be effective in helping my team be all they can . . . whilst also progressing my career for a spot on the Board ? What natural tendencies can I leverage?

Thanks in advance for any insights people might have.

a d a m :)


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I forgot to add "Thanks Mark and Mike"!

It was "Manager Tools Basics" that provided a lot of the groundwork to go to the interview to talk-the-talk.

And now thanks to Manager Tools and Career Tools I'm learning to walk-the-talk.

Keep up the wonderful work. Cheers!