Hey, great work on the Manager Tools and Career Tools Podcasts.  From where I'm sitting I never dreamed there would be so much to learn about being an effective manager.  I've always been taught that you either were good at management or not, and if you are not, then you don't go into management. 

So,  let me give some background.  Prior to college I spent some time as an apprentice diver in the Gulf of Mexico.  Worked as a campus police officer during college, and as a sheriff's deputy when I took a break while my wife finished her degree.  While finishing my degree I worked primarily as a maintenance programmer for a small company.

After graduation, I started working for the government, first as a maintenance programmer, then as a software analyst, and I've just begun a new role as a developer.

Notice the lack of managerial experience in my background? 

I've recently begun looking for ways to expand my contribution to my organization; hence, this exploration of what management could be.  I've been listening to 3-4 podcasts a day for those things I can improve upon, both from my point of view (e.g. leaving voicemail, taking notes, ...) and from my managers point of view (e.g. keeping deadlines regardless of local culture). 

Restraining all of my questions for now,


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Great to have you here ... welcome!

Best Regards,

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Welcome, Rob. Not sure where in Virginia you're from, but you may be interested in this.


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I'm currently in Bowling Green (south of Fort AP Hill, but north of Richmond). 

Thanks for the Baltimore invite.  I would love to attend, but I've a prior engagement with my daughters.


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Good to see you posting - hope you join the conversations here, and feel free to ask your questions.   

John Hack

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