Just signed up to the MT premium edition after finding the podcasts a week ago. I travel a lot with my job so have plenty of opportunity to listen. I've started with the basics and am now thinking about how to formally roll out 1:1's to my project teams.

I'm a project manager for a software company and have been managing projects for the last 10 years, PMP certified for last 5. I like to think I recognise some of my behaviours in the casts; hearing them explained on the show really helps to reinforce good working practices which in turn will help me to help my project teams.

I look forward to getting involved in the forums and learning more from 



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Hi Carld

Good luck with implementing MT with your team. I found the best advice in the Basis cast was sending the email to the team to start the process. This gives you three weeks to fully prepare. I used the text provided by Mike & Mark (amended slightly for English ears ;-) ) and it went down really well.

Let me know how it goes.


B regards




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 This stuff is really good!  Don't rush it, and you'll find yourself in a new world in a year or two. 

John Hack