Hi All

I stumbled across MT less than a month ago through iTunes and was instantly hooked. I have since downloaded all of the previous podcasts via the RSS link and having listened to the 'Basics' twice, introduced O3's to the company last week!

I work for an Exhibition Design and Management company and have two direct reports, two shared direct reports and two peers who loosely report into me also.

The O3's were for my two directs and despite believing in them I have been blown away by the instant impact and amount of information shared (including resolving a long term issue from our top salesman that we didn't know existed - in one week!!).

Needless to say I am rolling out the trinity (slowly) and looking forward to better relationships with my team.

Thanks to Mike & Mark for their hardwork in putting this together - I am looking forward to introducing the rest of the tools and joining in the fun on the website


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Welcome!  Mark and Mike have created a rich set of tools here, and the forums are a great place to hone ideas.  

There is a very active group in the UK;  check out the "meet ups" in the forums to find out when they get together.  

John Hack

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Sounds like you came across Manager Tools much like I did.  Since discovering it about 2 months ago, I've listed to about 50 of the casts and have started O3's and effective meetings, both with much success.  The extent to which I comment to people at work about Manager Tools may have some slightly concerned about my newfound addiction, but I'm getting results, so who can argue. 

There are many hidden gems to mine in wide selection the casts (particurlarly the ones about introducing people, handshakes and remembering names - all of which I found fascinating and exceptionally useful).  

Welcome and good luck to you. 


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Hi Jack and Mike


Thanks both for your welcome. I agree this could become an addiction, maybe we need a podcast on this ;-)

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Hey Anths,

Also based in the UK - listened to my first MT during the weekend when I too stumbled across it on iTunes.  Joined up straight away and have just begun from the first podcast.  Great stuff to listen to when I am driving from site to site.

I suspect that I will have to listen to them in an almost cyclical fashion - but that is cool!!!

The thing I like is that we stop trying to please everyone and just say how it is.  I wish I had this when I left he Army - it would have made the whole process a lot easier.

M&M - great stuff - thank you.  I have begun the journey, I just need to finish it - it may take a while, but is also cool.


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Hi Anths

Based in Scotland,

Have been listening and implementing advice from the podcast for the past three years. It has provided me with help and inspiration to improve what I do.

Good luck, enjoy the challenges ahead.



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Hi M & AP

Thanks for your replies.

M: I know what you mean, I am finding it hard to listen to them quick enough. The results I have seen already are excellent, let me know how you go!


AP: Thanks for the wishes, it is great to hear that MT is working, I only wish I was three years down the line also!


Talk soon


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Agree with everything said - podcasts give so much useful material and really make you think in a different (better) way.  I listen on the bus, hoovering(!), wherever!  Keep the good stuff coming!