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Hello Everyone,

I've left a few comments in the MT forums already, and have realized that I have not properly introduced myself. Time to rectify that.

I've been in IT for over twenty years, and have done pretty much everything: installing network cabling, building servers, coding, systems integration, project management, etc. I've managed small teams, been part of large ones, and always try to link the work we do to the overall goals of the organization. 

I am a voracious reader, of both print and Internet sources.  Although my passion for IT has not ebbed, my interest over the years has expanded from just having fun with the technology to really appreciating the "people" aspect of the work. Ultimately, individuals want to get their jobs done, and management cares about P&L. So, today, books and blogs on psychology, economics and business practices tend to be at the top of my reading list.

MT and CT content has been a great addition to my career -- the podcasts even help me make my commute to and from work both useful and less stressful.