Dear Mike and Mark,

My husband and I listen to your podcasts religiously, and we find them very helpful.

I am 29 years old, an External Relations manager at Procter and Gamble Israel. I am a young manager, who benefits a lot from your coaching and mentoring models. I find it extremely important for understanding the cultural differences between the American corporate that I work in and the Israeli management culture, which is relaxed and unofficial in its nature.

Keep on the great work!

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Welcome fellow Proctoid! I started my corporate career there, and it was one of the best professional decisions of my life. Loved every minute.

Glad you're with us, and glad you're getting value from our work.

It's a privilege to serve you.


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are highly applicable for Procter's corporate environment. When I started listening to the podcast, I didn't know that you were a former P&Ger, but had a gut feeling that you knew this multinational company. I feel privileged working for such a wonderful corporate, and looking forward to apply manager tools to my career path.