My name is Rick Cartwright. I am a long time listener that finally decided I should post an introduction. I am the Vice President and General Manger of a business unit of ITW (Illinois Tool Works Inc.). My business unit is part of the Food Equipment Group. We manufacturer commercial weigh scales, prepack and a host of Deli equipment. Most of it is sold under the Hobart brand ([url][/url]).

I began my career as an Engineer. My undergrad is from the University of Dayton. At some point several years ago I made the transition to my first management position. :shock: I wish this great resource was available years ago when I first started, especially prior to my first management assignment. It seems that management skills are assumed to be innate or something that just ‘happens’ automatically when you are anointed ‘manager’. I completed an MBA which helped immensely, but it was nothing like what you pickup here. This is professional material worth a great deal to anyone, manager or not.

On the personal front, I have a wonder family – four sons and a wonderful wife. I enjoy lifting weights early in the mornings, riding my road bike and generally staying active. I love to read a good book but do enjoy watching a good football game (American football).

I know this is the BIO section but my primary reason for posting is to offer thanks to Mike and Mark – and to everyone that post here. Thanks!


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Welcome Rick! Glad you're with us.

I love Ohio, even if I did grow up hating OSU, with two brothers going to Southern Cal.

It's a privilege to serve you.


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Thanks for posting, Rick. Great to have you here!


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Welcome Rick.

My grandfather spent his entire career working for ITW in Chicago so I always take note when I meet someone there.

Welcome aboard!

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Welcome to the forums Rick!

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Welcome Rick! I too am from Ohio, the Cincinnati area actually. I recently moved here from Michigan and am really enjoying it here.


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Welcome aboard! Looking forward to reading your contributions.