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Long time listener here..who works as a project manager in the IT function of a Business strategy consulting firm. Where I work, there is a very high emphasis on personal and professional development. Excellence at execution and delivery is is an implied expectation and we are evaluated based on our ability to collaborate, influence and develop people. Manager Tools podcasts have been a constant guide in my pursuit to live my firm's culture.

I come from an engineering background followed by an early career as a software professional with a strong spike in data management and reporting solutions especially in the Finance domain. Owing to my growing interest in process improvement and solution design, I functioned as a Business Analyst for a few years and now am a project manager, coaching and leading teams on reaching the continuously rising bars in software delivery and quality.

May I take this opportunity to request locals in NYC who are avid followers of this fantastic podcast series, to hit me with a message. I am keen either joining an existing group of MT followers or forming one, to exchange experiences and ideas. Looking forward to your responses.

PS: I am also keen on attending the one day Effective Manager Conference in Washington DC on 24th march, 2009. To keep the costs low, I am wondering if there would be anyone interested in sharing a room for the night of the 23rd and 24th and split the cost.

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Welcome to the forums...

Please join the conversations. And there are a few of us in the NYC area, and although past attempts to put together a Tri-State MTUG came to naught, perhaps with the right confluence of events it will happen...