Dear fans of Manager-Tools!

I am using Manager-tools for about one year now; and have learned a lot by listening to the podcasts of Mark and Mike.
Putting their lessons into practice has really improved my management skills!

I am working at Siemens in the Netherlands; I am based in the Hague.
My function is Operations Manager at the Siemens IT Solutions and Services division.
My main focus areas are Offshoring, Operational Excellence, Skill Management and Strategy Implementation.

I would like to contribute to this community, and hope to learn more from all of you at this forum and otherwise!

Kind regards,

Jeroen de Miranda

My profile at LinkedIn: [url][/url]

My blog: [url][/url]

My blog - my ideas on using Manager-Tools: [url][/url]

Twitter: [url][/url]

Siemens website: [url][/url]

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Welcome to the club! There are more of us Dutchmen around here...

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Welcome to posting Jeroen! - with a year of podcasts under your belt, you'll find the forums are really useful.

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Welcome to the forum, Jeroen!

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thanks for the warm welcome!

kind regards,

Jeroen de Miranda

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On my blog I have posted an overview on Change Management and related topics:

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commented 'Essential skills of a community manager' by Chris Brogan :