Hey everyone and thanks for the great resources Mark and Mike. My hats off to you both. There's no other way of learning how to take the right steps unless you want to sacrifice time and experience everything yourself :wink:

My name is Ali and I'm a branch manager for a mortgage company in Minnesota. I started in the mortgage business at the age of 21 and now three years later I get to run a branch with about 15-20 employees. I owe my success to the owner of the company which brought me up from ground zero. A great mentor is priceless especially in the fast paced world we have today. Comparing myself to others in my age category I'm doing quite well, but also realize that the doors are wide open for doing [b]much[/b] better.

Next month my first article will be published in a National Mortgage Magazine (The Scotsmanguide) and I'm really looking forward to it. I think I've been able to help many of my close friends realize how much better they can be doing.

I was always weary of picking up a management position until I realized the true potential of it. Obviously with the lack of experience I knew I would need some help and I'm very happy to have found Manager-Tools. I have all the discussions on my ipod and listen to the one that relates closest to what my schedule is looking like each day.

Thanks again guys! 8)

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Welcome aboard! Managing former peers will turn out to be a non-issue soon.

It's a privilege to serve you.