Hello. My name is Jose Ramon Gonzalez.

Im an Industrial Engineer. Live in Mexico. I found Manager tools, thanks to my brother and becaues Itunes Store finally opened in my country.

Im listening all the podcasts that Mike and Mark have done and is great the job and the information and the quality.  thanks To Mark and Mike and as i said in other part of the page, thanks to all that with your comments make me a better people.

In Disc file. Im High S and C. Im not so good talking to people until i know them good. Im loyal,  i like to make thinks work better than they actually do and i like making life easy for the people i know. Id like to start things sooner, so im working on that.

In other subjects. I like management, reading, nature, animals, sports specially soccer and walking. I speak spanish and improving my english.

Id love to have new friends and if i can help id love to.



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Welcome to the forums!  MT is not only a valuable set of podcasts, but the community here is a a great resource, too. 

You'll find a lot of engineers here...but you knew that.

John Hack

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Thanks for your time and for your comments.

Is great  to be in Manager tools page and find all the resources that here we can find and learn not only how to be better managers but better in life


Have great day