I'm Scott Allison, Founder and CEO of Teamly, a web application that helps make employees more focused and effective and provides managers with a straightforward way to monitor individual's performance, without resorting to micro-management.

I developed Teamly as a result of rapidly growing my last company and looking for a better way to keep on top of the commitments which were made to me by my staff, whether one-on-one or in group meetings. 

Teamly is complementary to existing periodic review processes in place, because it can be used every day, week and month - so fills in the gaps.

If you want to try out Teamly you can do so for free during our beta trial period. I'm really keen to get feedback from managers here so I can understand how well Teamly meets your needs.

More about me:

I founded my first business in my spare time while at University in Scotland and since then entrepreneurship and business has become part of my blood. I am motivated by the desire to lead and build a valuable business using culture and values as a core foundation and to make products that make a difference to those who use them.

I love entrepreneurship, and am keen to assist others fulfil their potential, that’s why I am on the board of The Entrepreneurial Exchange, which aims to help entrepreneurs scale their high-growth potential business. I am also a volunteer business advisor to 18-25 year olds at the PSYBT, helping young kids who are just starting out.

Prior to Teamly I was the managing director of abica, a remarkable business telecoms provider. abica was an exciting place to be with a clear vision of the future, and during that time I learned how to build and manage a great team, developed the company culture and core values, repositioned and re-branded the business, and delivered a new set of products to enhance long term shareholder value and bring in new recurring revenue streams. I left in October 2009, coinciding with the company winning a prestigious award for Excellence in Customer Service, which recognised the quality of our offering.