Hi all

have been listening to the casts now for about a year and have found them a fantastic source of information and advice. I like to think of the casts as my mentor in my pocket. I am a 30 year old finance manager working for the largest reinsurance company in the world in London, England. I really enjoy the casts and am currently trying to go through the entire catalogue. I only wish that I had found the casts years ago.

I have to be honest and say that I don't agree with everything that the podcasts say but on the whole they definitely add value to my development, both personal and professional. The casts are also good for confirming that I have been doing a lot of things right and to give myself a metaphorical pat on the back. I find your military backgrounds interesting as my father was in the military also and have found both your and his advice to be similar and very relevant.

I want to be a C suite executive within the next 5-7 years and believe that the casts will help me realise these goals, so a big thanks from me and please keep up the excellent work.


Gareth Hill

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 Glad to 'meet' you!



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Welcome, Gareth

You'll find the forums are a great way to hone your management thinking. 

Good luck with your path to the C suite.  Such journeys are never what they seem to be at the start...

John Hack