I am delighted to be a part of this learning community. My first experience in distance learning as a kid was sharing homework assignments with my buddy across the back yard using walkie-talkies. O.K., my technology expertise has expanded exponentially since then, now utilizing best in class platforms and software to communicate ideas and content in my profession.

A pastor by training, my specialized professional discipline is turning faith-based assets into social capital that benefit the community. I am the executive General Presbyter of Newark Presbytery, working with 42 very diverse congregations of the Presbyterian Church (USA). Our 10,000 members are being challenged to direct their church's assets outward toward their communities in a process of intentional congregational transformation. It's tough work, but important and compelling.

I have really been excited and grateful for Manager-Tools podcast, beginning to implement many of the discoveries I have made from hot wash to DISC. Amazing stuff. Thanks Mark and Mike for the resources!!!

And thanks for reading this brief bio...


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Welcome to our comunity, Kevin!

We're glad you're here, and hope that we can continue to help you grow and become more effective.

It's a privilege to serve you,