Hi everyone.
I'm Tammie. I'm an Academic Dean for a relatively new University here in Jamaica. I'm essentially responsible for ensuring that everything is in place for our programmes to be accredited and re-accredited. Because we've got about 20 locations in Jamaica and Cayman, a few international partnerships, and a growing student population, I'm required to manage a pretty big multi-locational team.

I've been learning so much about effective management through Manger Tools. A BIG thank you Mark & Mike for your down-to-earth, practical wisdom. I'm one of those people who reads voraciously about management and then wonders WHAT I'm supposed to DO!!??? I'm seeing positive change already. Looking forward to what's to come, and to interacting with everyone.


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Cheers Tammie, and welcome aboard.

We're glad you're with us so we can say we have friends in the Carribean. :-)


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Hello Tammie,

Welcome to Manager Tools! There aren't many academics here yet, so it's up to us to spread the word to our colleagues. Heaven knows academe could use Mark & Mike's help, right?