I am a software engineer by education and software test engineer by proffession. I became the manager of the group I belong to, when my boss had left, and became the manager of a group that started growing rapidly and reached above 10 engineers.

I'm considered successful by my company, but this last year of listening to you and being much more aware of management resources out there on the web - I understand how terrible manager I was (or am) ... :oops:

It has been a year since I discovered Podcasting, don't remember how exactly, but I think you are my second podcast after "The Cranky Middle Manager Show".
Podcasts became part of my daily life ever since.

Your shows, blogs, forum and everything is simply a treasure trove.
Many times during listening to you, I think that it is fantastic!, too good to be true!, sheer enjoyment...
I couldn't get your ideas pumped into my head by reading a book or attending a corporate training.

So, a big THANK YOU Mike&Mark , and I'm thinking of ways to repay you ...
If I make it to be a six-digits CEO .... :lol: and if not, I'll settle with voting for you in PodcastAlley, buying your book etc.


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Welcome to our community of managers! We're glad you're here.

If your company thought you were doing well, that's GREAT... and now you have a resource to help you become even better.

Thanks for offering to return the favor! Just become a premium subscriber here shortly. :wink:

And more importantly, continue to become better. THAT is our true reward!

It is a privilege to serve you. Our thoughts our with you and your country during this difficult time.