I found MT on iTunes not that long ago and was so impressed with M&M's feedback podcasts that I signed on as a premium member. Just recently I found this forum and am picking up a whole lot of what MT unLurkers are putting down.

I am a 49 year old HR manager from Connecticut. Some of my most rewarding work has centered on employee relations and leadership development in the manufacturing, distribution, and service sectors. Equally meaningful was my role as a virtual executive assistant to world-class HR, safety, and business culture-change consultants.

This week I start a new job as an area manager for a well-established organization in the distribution/transportation sector. One facility has the distinction of being the organization's worst performer. I join a fairly new management team that's been mobilized to improve the bottom line and, naturally, everything else that's broke. I am both thrilled and terrified! As a high C, I will be pulling hard on my D and I to get things done.

On the personal side, I have two children--a Navy sailor who re-deploys next month and a communications major living at home. I am married to a wonderful man who has me hooked on bass fishing, seasonal RV camping, motorcycling, and gut-busting comedies.

I look forward to getting acquainted.


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Kerry -- welcome, and good luck with the new team. It would be interesting to compare strategies and styles, as my profile looks almost opposite yours. That could be a fun team :-).

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Welcome! And I, for one, look forward to picking up what you're laying down. High C's of the world unite!

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Hi Kerry - welcome to the forums.
Congratulations and thank you for raising a son who is serving the country.

Best wishes,


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Welcome! I've spent many years working in Connecticut, and always try to drive the Merritt Parkway during a sunny afternoon in October to catch some of the finest foliage in the northeast...


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Welcome to the forum of the "unLurkers". Good luck in the new role. Keep us included on your challenges and accomplishments.