Hi everyone,

Just thought I'd write up a quick hello and introduce myself. I work as a Software Tester and Business Analyst at a software company, and I'm also the President of a non-profit organization and president of the board of directors. These podcasts have been amazing for me and have helped out so, so much. 

A friend of mine from work got me turned on to manager tools, and now we regularly have discussions about the podcasts we listen to and how it applies to us and how we can use the advice given. 

Although I'm not formally in a leadership role at work, the podcasts have helped me run weekly staff meetings (very seemed like I was the one-eyed man in the land of the blind) and I got nothing by praise for those meetings. The bosses have noticed a lot of change in me, too, and my reviews have been getting better and better year by year, so thank you Mike and Mark!

A lot of the material has also helped with the non-profit. We're still a relatively small organization, we're expanding every year and the tools and concepts here are helping us build a more solid organization that will hopefully be really well run and managed as we get more and more people on board with us. 

Just wanted to say thanks, too, to Mike and Mark for all the wisdom and sharing knowledge. It's definitely making a difference in the world. 

Just recently became a premium content subscriber, too. Yay! :)

Okay, I guess that wasn't "quick" like I said. 


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Thanks for introducing yourself. 

It's always good to hear of such success in using the tools.

Great to have you here!

-- Peter

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