Hello all:

I've been managing off and on for a few years. I work in the software development arena. I have been a developer, tester and project manager. I have managed developers and testers. Currently I am managing a team of testers.

I must say, C++, C# and other programming languages are much easier to learn then management. Manager Tools is a great resource. :)

The podcasts are fantastic!!! Mike and Mark, Thanks so much. They always make me think. That is the important part.


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Welcome to the M-T community!


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Welcome to the forums. You and WillDuke have an Idaho user group in the making!

[quote="sschims"]...They always make me think. That is the important part. [/quote]
Ah, but when they make you [i]act[/i], that is indeed the important part...


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Yes, you are so right. Thanks for the clarification.

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Welcome aboard, Scott. You'll find a lot of great people in the forums willing to give input. Don't be shy about throwing your ideas out there. We encourage sharing and contributing.

I'll agree with you on learning programming v. management, having been in software development/IT for 25 years. Today I find management more rewarding.

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Scott, welcome to the MT forums!

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Welcome to the forums, Scott ... great to have you here!

Best Regards,

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Welcome to the forums.