Good day, I am the director of IT for a privately owned Timeshare Developer with location across three states.  My small, but effective, team is responsible for infrastructure, systems, and applications at all locations.  

I started listening to Manager Tools pod-cast about 2 weeks ago and find it to a very powerful learning tool.  Keep up the good work.


Kind Regards,

Kiley Wynne
Spinnaker Resorts 

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Welcome to the discussion forums, Kiley. Great to have you here!

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Good to have you in the community!  I just joined as well.  I look forward to hearing from you in the forums.

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Hello from Frankfurt am Main,


I started Listening to manager tools  about two mounths ago and I find it very interesting and really funnuy sometimes. I am an admin for a pharmaceutical company in Frankfurt. I am from Westafrica. Bye

best regards,


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Welcome the the community!  

John Hack 

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And a welcome to you, too!  

John Hack 

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Hello Kiley,

I am new too. I am the Hub Structural  Lead Designer for a large Canadian based Consulting Engineering Co.

I have a timeshare, what are the tricks to getting to the best spots? Maybe a little insider information??? :)