I`ve been listening to MT for a year or so now, and I believe it is about time for me to introduce myself. 

I'm a computer engineering student at Laval University, Quebec City. I'm currently doing an internship in France, in small firm. I might have Jeopardised my job for I found a software that do exactly what I'm suppose to do, for a fourth of what this project is supposed to cost to my employer...but I disgress.

I also lived in Japan for 2 non-consecutives years, for personal growth. With a lot of bad judgement, I think that I am now fairly experienced for my age (22).

As for manegerial experience, I was owner operator of a small student painting business (College Work I beleive it is called in the US) and was quite sucessful...which is not always a good thing when your 20. Grew overconfident, made bad judgement the next year in other ventures, earned a lot of experience.

Now I feel I am in a better mindset to grow and learn.

I am now preparing a business plan for a project in the video game publishing industry. Still need a few more years of preparation as me and my partners are full-time students, nor do we want to rush things.

As a career, I aim at an international one. Thus my willingness to delay my graduation to obtain substancial oversea experience in various countries. I beleive that once I have a full-time job, taking years off to earn international attractiveness will be near impossible. 

I love the podcast, it teach ne some incredible skills that I try to apply whenever possible.  Thanks you M&M for your dedication to this cast !




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Good to see you in the forums.  There is much to be learned by engaging in the conversations here.  

John Hack

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It sounds like you have had many experiences in your travels! Welcome to the forums.


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We're glad to have you here.  I sure like the way you think and talk - I, too, have many "experiences".

Please let us help you whenever we can.

And, don't forget - Manager Tools France has just might enjoy that cast from our good friends Cedric and Lorry, in Paris.

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Salut Mashuu,

It's a small world after all! I was born and raised in Quebec City, although I only did a few classes at L'Universite Laval.

Manager-Tools  is another great place. Welcome.


PS: my mom named me Francois, just been hanging out with english speaking people for so long that Frankie has stuck

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 Thanks you all for your warm welcome. 

Mark, I checked out on mt-france. Quite interesting I must say. I can see it being escpecially useful for people that don't have top-notch englishm or even for people out of the US that think "meh, U.Statiens...". I like it. Now, where can I queeze some to listen to another podcast. I wonder if I can delegate sleep? 

Frankie, I concur! Québec is a marvelous place to live! I plan on making it my home base so whenever so whenever I'm out of the city, I'll still identify myself as a proud Québecois.

Thanks you again.