I work as a project Manager for a Telecom Consulting Engineering firm and at 34, am sort of embarking on a managerial carreer that is staring to displace my technicial proficiency (pretty much at the same time I'm starting to loose my hair for real). Manager-Tools makes this less scary.

I still have a blast sync'ing my Ipod on Itunes every week and hooking it up to the Car Kit on my Mazda 5.

Even more fun was to recently drive one and a half hour from Ottawa back to Montreal with a peer in the telecom industry (sparing him a bus ride) and introducing him to Manager Tools with the recent 'Personal Scent' podcast. We laughed so hard about Manager-Tools boldly going where few have tried to do so before while appreciating how hard it would be to get some pragmatic experience on this topic in the real world.

Needless to say that this created a pretty solid bond.

As an anecdote, I happened to share this driving experience with my Boss and in return, he shared something that I wanted to pass along to you all. He said that in his past, he had an excellent Boss with a reputation for a personal scent on a badly sweaty exponential curve as the day progressed. He related that when his Boss called for a meeting at 4 PM, he always found a good reason to avoid meetings late in the day.

Now the question is, how do you get around such a situation without getting caught? :D


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