Hi everyone!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ricardo, father, husband and involved in management in some way for 15 years. I'm currently a producer meaning that for the first time in years I don't have a "fixed" team. I'll get to that on another post if opportunity arises.

Long story short, I had the luck of being coached by a fantastic manager when I was in my early 20's. I was a support IT tech and he coached me to lead our small 1st level tech team. He gave me a lot of feedback on how to relate to my team, how to prepare, how to coach and so many other things.

All of those things made sense but we are very different people so I ended up adapting a lot to my own personality although following the model. To be honest, I never knew why the "model" worked, it just did so I kept doing it and (hopefully) improving it for more than a decade, changing small things along the way but I cannot say that I knew why, I just knew how so I improved on trial and error.

I changed jobs last month and now I have to drive a lot. I can't read during weekdays because of it so I ended up setting podcasts to listen while driving and found Manager Tools podcast by chance on iTunes.

Why am I here presenting myself? Well... all of the stuff I learnt from my "mentor" and that I adapted along the way started to make sense as I was hearing your shows. I found myself giggling and thinking "oh that's why that worked!" So thank you! I feel I'm re-learning and with it, improving.

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Hello Ricardo, and welcome to the forums!



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 Oi Ricardo, bem-vindo!  Nao resisti a tentacao depois do bem-vindo do Michael em lhe escrever em portugues.  Fiquei surpresa e feliz em ver um titulo de post em portugues.  Meu nome e Nara e eu escuto manager-tools desde 2007 mais ou menos.  O que foi um achado que tive otimos chefes mas Nenhum muito estruturado na sua forma de gerenciar e que ensinasse gerenciar.  Tambem fui aprendendo na tentativa e erro antes de encontrar manager-tools.  Eu soy brasileira, mas ja vivo fora do Brasil a 15 anos entre Australia, Chile e agora Estados Unidos.  Assim que aproveito para praticar o portugues.  Te desejo boa sorte, sucesso e alegria no seu Novo trabalho e bem-vindo a esta comunidade de apoio.


Translation:  hi Ricardo, welcome.  I could not resist the temptation to write you in portuguese.  I was surprised and happy to see a post title in portuguese.  My name is Nara and i listen to manager-tools more or less since 2007, which has been a luck strike as i have had excellent bosses but neither very structure in their management style and did not teach me how to manage.  Me too, i have learned on trial and error before manager-tools.  I am brasilian, but i have been living abroad for the less 15 years, in Australia, Chile and now in the US.  So i am taking the opportunity to practice my portuguese!  I wish you luck, sucess and joy in your new Job and welcome to this support community.

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 Thanks for the welcome everyone and apologies for not replying sooner.

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Bem vindo, Ricardo. É bom saber que existem mais portugueses que conhecem MT/CT.