Hello Mark and Mike,

I've been listening to MT for about 6 months and think it's great.

I am from Colorado but live in the country of El Salvador, Central America as a missionary. Being that our organization was started by my parents, and I am continuing the work they started, I didn't study areas such as Business or Finance in college and have been learning over the years by trial & error, reading, and talking with others in similar positions. I believe MT probably teaches many things that one wouldn't learn in a college classroom anyways, as it seems that much of your information has been learned from our own personal experience over the years of what works and what doesn't.

As president of our organization in El Salvador which has 125 employees, we run an orphanage, Christian school, 7 Christian bookstores and wholesale distributorship to other stores, Feeding Program for needy children in the community close to the orphanage, Program to rehabilitate teens in street gangs and to give them vocational training, and a Program in the public schools of El Salvador to teach sexual values. We are about to add a few more projects such as a medical clinic and teen residence. In the U.S. we also have a non/profit 501 c.3 organization. With all of these things to manage, sometimes I find myself very overwhelmed!

In the future, some topics for future podcasts to consider could be: Understanding Financial Statements, How to write Policy & Procedure Manuals for the different areas of an organization or business, and Organizational Flowcharts/Structure.

Again, thanks for your practical tips which have been very helpful in many ways to run our non-profit organization.


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Welcome to the forums!

Financial statements and Project management are probably the two most significant areas that M&M have yet to cover. You're not alone in your desire to see those topics addressed.



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Teri -
Welcome to the Forums.
And thank you for the work you do. I'm humbled - what a great way to keep my perspective about my "important" management work :)