Hello from Dalian, China

Been listening to Manager Tools for about a year now and cannot speak highly enough of the show. I work for one of the big US Banks previously in their Treasury Department in Ireland but took the plunge to move to their Technology Center in China for a bit of an adventure and because my wife is Chinese. Coincidentally after I moved began listening to Manager Tools and from there my management career really took off. I am currently a manager of about 40 people (all Chinese) and have been so for about 1.5 years. Have also had some project management experience also in that time in Thailand. Have passed on your website to my fellow managers here in China and I hope they soon begin to reap the same benefits as me.

Mark & Mike just wanted to say a huge thanks, I studied Business Management in college therefore know all the management theory but putting into practice can be another thing. The information you pass on each show is invaluable and the delivery is top notch especially the interaction between you guys as it makes the show fun to listen too. Recently also joined as a Premium Member and am blown away with all the material available and the quality.

Keep up the good work and looking forward to your first Effective Managers Conference in China!



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Thanks ... made my day!

Here's looking forward to a conference in China soon! :-)

Best Regards,

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Welcome to the forums, Phil, and I hope you join the conversations here.  It's a deep pool of additional insights...created from the contributions of everyone's perspective.  

John Hack