[size=14]Hello Everyone,

My name is Shaheen Ghiassy and I'm a new Manager-Tools convert, approaching zealot. I’m 25 years old and started my company, [url=]Old Creek[/url], 2 years ago after graduating college from the University of Oregon. Fortunately the last two years have been great.

But as with any growing company, I’ve had to hire employees to sustain the growth. The transition from a single dogged employee to a manager of 7 direct reports has been quite a struggle. As a high-D / high-C, I’m not a naturally gifted manager/communicator and further exacerbating the problem, is that I’ve never been managed professionally. So I had absolutely no clue on how to hire, fire, interview, review, etc employees when I started (even though it sounds like no one else knows either).

[b]I was at the mercy of the winds as a manager[/b] in that I couldn’t find good employees nor manage their performance. Good ones came and did good work for me and vice versa with the bad ones. But as a manager, I had no ability to direct what I wanted. It was a negative feedback loop, to the point where I detested dealing with anything managment related.

[b]But after listening to Manager-Tools I’m now for the first time excited about Management![/b] What was once my biggest weakness will now, with a lot of work, become a strong suit. MT has really benefited me and as a direct result, has improved my future. [/size]

[size=18]Thank you Mark

Thank you Mike.[/size]

-- Shaheen Ghiassy
Owner / President
Old Creek Wall Bed Factory

[i]shameless plug[/i]

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Welcome to the forums, Shaheen.

One of my very best friends grew up in Corvallis, and I had the opportunity to visit a number of years back. Beautiful country!


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Welcome aboard Shaheen!

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Welcome. Starting a new company without management experience must be a big challenge. I'm sure that by employing MT methods you will be successful. Good luck.

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Welcome Shaheen. I lived in Eugene for 5 years. What a beautiful place that is. I love how welcoming those cities are. The bike paths alone are a miracle.

I don't miss the rain though. :)

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Welcome Shaheen! Congratualtions on your seccess so far!