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I've posted on the boards some, but I've never formally introduced myself.

My name is BJ Marshall, and I am a Section Chief at the U.S. Census Bureau. I've been in management for almost two years, so I'm still pretty green. I absolutely love Project Management (got my PMP a couple weeks ago), process improvement, and trying out MT ideas on my staff of four.

Are there any other members in the Baltimore, MD area? I'd love to have a Baltimore MT Meet-up. I've caught up on all the MT podcasts and will now start reading the books on the recommended list - maybe we could have a book club or something!

I'd also like to network because, honestly, I'm looking for a new job. (The commute is getting too much.) Yes, I got the Interviewing Series, so I'm ready to OWN the competition.

Thanks for everything all of you have to offer on the boards. I really appreciate all of you very much for sharing your experiences, questions, and insights.


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Welcome aboard - you'll find several members from Baltimore, DC, and Maryland (try a forum search on those keywords...)

Thanks for introducing yourself.


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Welcome BJ. I've noticed your avatar in the forums; it's easy to remember. The meet-ups are probably fun, but not a lot of activity our here in Idaho. :)

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Hello, BJ. It's good to have you here.

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Hello and welcome BJ.

Congratulations on completing your PMP certification!

Best of luck to you in your search. Don't stop practicing with the audio and video; the power of doing those are incredible!

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Awesome to have your energy and confidence here! Hope you find that new job and successful! Welcome to MT!

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Thanks for introducing yourself BJ. I've enjoyed your posts, and found your comments regarding team charters to be helpful.