So I just found the podcast last week after hearing about it in a sidebar conversation at a leadership school the Coast Guard sent me to two weeks ago.  I have to say that it was an extremely fortuitous time to learn of the site.  Two days later I found out I was a finalist and would be interviewing for a job of a lifetime in the Coast Guard.

A little about myself:
I grew up in Pennsylvania right on Lake Erie.  I went directly from High school to the Coast Guard Academy and graduated in 1998.  I was first stationed on CGC POLAR SEA a polar class icebreaker and had the chance to travel to Antarctica twice.  From there I went to San Diego where I did pollution response.  While there I met my wife and got selected for a grad school program inside the Coast Guard.  I got my masters in organic chemistry from SDSU and then went back to teach back at my alma mater (CGA) for 4 years.  My latest assignment is at MSU Morgan City where I oversee pollution response, law enforcement, search and rescue, and facilities inspections.  It is an extremely busy job but one that I enjoy due to the unique challenges I get each day.

I have been an O4 (Lieutenant Commander) for about 3 years now and now have a department of 40 people working for me.  The jump from division officer to department head was throwing me a little but with the help of the podcasts I feel like I have finally found the tools I needed to turn the corner.
In addition, as I stated above I found out last week that I will be interviewing for a once in a career job at the Coast Guard Academy.  I purchased the interviewing series and I am very excited to put it into action.  I have been prepping my answers and I am about to start my taped preparation this week with video starting next week.  I posted in the interview column too if you want to know more about the job.

Thanks to M&M for putting out these great podcasts and I look forward to getting to know everyone a little bit better on the forums.

-Joe Brown
(Don’t know my DISC but I am an INTJ if you are a Myers-Briggs type:)

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 Joe - 

I'm a Navy CDR, and I am very glad you found Manager Tools.  What a great resource for you in your current job - and hopefully your able to use the interview techniques to land your USCGA job.

Though its normally pretty straightforward, if you have any questions or thoughts about military applications of what you hear or read here, please share.

-Dave Wallace

(INFP) ... (I have found that both listening to these casts can help with the "I".)

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Thanks for the kind comments and thrilled you're getting value from the podcasts.

A little know fact ... I would have gone to the Coast Guard Academy had they accepted me. I had to "settle" for West Point. You're obviously more talented than me! :-)

Welcome to the community!

Best Regards,

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Funny you say that because it had been my dream since I was in second grade to go to West Point.  I applied for the summer program at West Point and my councilor threw the application for the Coast Guard Academy summer program at me too.  I applied because I figured what the heck.  I ended up really liking the Coast Guard Academy.  I applied to both and decided I would attend whichever  accepted me first.  The Coast Guard Academy won out.  So I still  hold a special place in my heart for West Point and have enjoyed all my visits there (I shot and coached the Pistol Team so we got to go at least twice a year and shoot against the West Point team).