[color=indigo]Hi all,

I am thoroughly enjoying learning a lot of useful stuff in Manager Tools. I spend too many hours each week driving, so have a great opportunity to listen.

I find I am about 50:50 between being pleased with the practical good advice :D and feeling uncomfortable as my weaknesses and sloppy habits are routinely exposed :oops: .

My target is to try a minimum of one thing from each session. This week I listened to "How to develop a sense of urgency in your team". Next day I started setting deadlines by the hour not day and - guess what - it is working a treat. Nice one.

My organisation provides housing for older people and I manage the IT team of 22 people.

I look forward to learning from you all in the wider MT community as well as the sessions.

Glad to see a good number of us here in Blighty.



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Welcome aboard. I also have a too long commute, made meaningful and productive by virtue of the these podcasts.

I must agree with Mark and Mike that one-on-ones are the most powerful tool.

Nice avatar.


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Welcome, Richard! Great to have you here.