My name is Jesse Doggett.  I am a project engineer from Baltimore, Maryland and work for the Space Telescope Science Institute.  We operate the science mission for the Hubble Space Telescope and are developing the operations center for its successor, the James Webb Space Telescope.

My manager turned me onto Manager Tools last year which I think are fantastic with their focus on people and communication.  The ideas Mark and Mike share resonate really well with things I've learned on my own over the years, but have never heard articulated so well.

I am not a line manager, but do lead a couple of software development projects with people matrixed into them.  I hope to start one-on-ones in the next month to improve our communication.  I'm not yet sure about the other parts of the trinity.  Many of the points Mark and Mike make are predicated on the manager being the boss who has the power to hire and fire.  I don't have that power, so I feel like I have to tread carefully on what I can and can't push.

I was fortunate to be able to attend the one-day Manager Tools conference near Washington in March.  I came out of it really psyched and inspired to start using what I learned.  If you've not been to one, you should really go if you have the chance.  Mark and Mike bring lots of energy and enthusiasm for managing people from the heart and with love.

I look forward to continue learning from the podcasts from Mark and Mike and all the wisdom from around the world posted on the forums.

With best regards,



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Welcome to the boards, Jesse. And be on the lookout for our next DC/Baltimore Meet-Up. We'd love to have you there!!

- BJ

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Welcome Jesse.  Good to have you here on the forums.  I've met the manager who turned you onto MT (if you see him, tell him John Hack says "Hi!")

And please join the conversations - it's surprising how much more one learns by engaging in the discussions than by only reading them.  

John Hack

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Good to find you here Jesse.

We welcome your questions and your insight.

As long as you're an Orioles Fan.

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Hey BJ,

It was great to meet you at the conference.  If the next one is located more towards Baltimore, I'd love to try and make it.



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Hi John,

I'll try to join in, probably more with questions since I'm just starting to delve into management.


(P.S., Tom C. was actually my former boss.  He introduced my current manager to MT and I learned it about from her.)


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Hi Mark,


What?  You're an O's fan?  Not Astros or Rangers?

I'm originally from Oklahoma and, generally, not a big fan of things Texas.  Except, I think I can make an exception in your case because Fredricksburg is close to West Texas where my mom's family ranges from Sanderson (heard of it?) to Austin.

It's great to be here and I hope to learn from everyone and maybe contribute a little too.





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Every baseball fan worth his or her salt is a fan of the Orioles at some level.  I hate the Yankees, because I grew up a Dodger fan, but I'm a fan of their history.  The Cards fall in there too...these are just great clubs, period.

My son Drake was born a few days after Cal Ripken broke Gehrig's record game streak, and his streak started a few days after I graduated from school. 

Not really a Rangers or Astros fan, no.  Dodgers.  First year I was in Fredericksburg, they won the Series with Gibby's homer off Eck.  SWEET!

And remember what us Texans think about Okies.  We don't want everything...just what's ours, and what's next to ours.

I have family, after a fashion, in Big Spring and La Mesa, San Angelo, Comstock and Stanton, and friends in Midland and Odessa and San Angelo.  So, sure I know where Sanderson is!

Go Birds.